Deb has been in the industry since 2000. She is a stylist, color specialist, and Milbon Thermal Reconditioning Expert. 

What sets me apart - I am a unique mix of artist and nerd. I see hair and its potential with a creative edge, yet have a deep understanding of both the geometry of hair cutting and the chemistry of coloring. Putting this together allows me to create precision, flowing styles accentuated with natural and lasting color...always some pop...and always preserving the integrity of your hair! 

I pride myself in creating styles that work with your hair rather than against it. I believe your hair should be easy to do and versatile, and your opinions strongly matter to me. When you sit in my chair, we collaborate on what will work best for your lifestyle, aesthetic and budget. It's easy for me to do your hair - I want you to be able to do it!

To avoid becoming stale and ensuring the passion and freshness stays in my hairstyling, I frequently attend both local and national hair show, classes, and hands-on workshops. I am constantly pushing to be my best self, in all capacities of my life. 

Deb Hilgert